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Wir sind eine kleine aber sehr spezialisierte Rechtsanwalts- und Notarkanzlei im Herzen von Berlin. Neben dem starken Schwerpunkt in der notariellen Gestaltung bieten wir Ihnen Beratung und Vertretung in folgenden Rechtsgebieten:


Inheritance law. Family law. Real estate law.


The main focus of two of our lawyers is the consultation as civil law notaries. Our utmost goal is providing individual advice at eye level. Together with our clients we determine the goals and design solutions. We provide services in all notarial fields, e.g. drafting of wills, sale of real estate, company formation, drafting of pre- and postnuptial agreements, association and foundation law. In tax matters, we work closely with your tax advisor or arrange for specialists in the respective areas.

Inheritance Law

With two specialist lawyers for inheritance law, we advise individually on succession solutions tailored to your family situation. Legal advice is indispensable, especially when drafting wills, contracts of inheritance or lifetime transfers of assets. Errors can usually not be corrected afterwards or only with negative tax consequences. From simple wills and difficult arrangements for patchwork families to the establishment of family companies or foundations, we are at your side to advise you. We do not offer off-the-peg solutions, but tailor-made solutions.

Family Law

Im Familienrecht sind wir sowohl notariell (z.B. bei vorsorgenden Ehe-/Partnerschaftsverträgen oder Scheidungsvereinbarungen) als auch als anwaltliche Vertreter (Dr. Hanke) tätig. Sein Spezialgebiet ist die Vertretung bei grenzüberschreitenden Familienstreitigkeiten - insbesondere im Zusammenhang mit den USA und Kanada und bei Kindesentführungen. Hier kann er auf eine langjährige Expertise als Prozessanwalt zurückgreifen und ist auch ein gefragter Experte ausländischer Gerichte. Aber auch bei ``normalen`` Familienrechts-Fällen oder Gestaltungsfragen sind Sie bei ihm in guten Händen. Ergänzt wird das familienrechtliche Dezernat durch Rechtsanwältin von Auer.

Real Estate Law

Real estate law is a very broad field. When it comes to notarial drafting, we cover all facets of real estate law. From simple condominium purchase agreements to difficult real estate deals and the structuring of real estate partnerships, we are happy to advise you. As lawyers, we accept selected consultancy and litigation mandates. In all areas we benefit from our many years of experience as litigators in tenancy and home ownership law. You will also benefit from this experience when drafting wills and lifetime property transfers.

We are concentrating on our core capabilities:

The essential part of our daily work is the notarial design in all areas where the notary is required by law. From property purchase contracts to the establishment of companies and the creation and structuring of succession concepts we do not stop at difficult questions. What is important to us is the individual solution. As notaries we do not see ourselves as readers or fillers of samples. Life is far too diverse to provide templates for all areas of life. We often draft individual contracts for problem properties or help with difficult inheritance and succession planning. This also includes the structuring of family businesses - usually together with your tax advisor.

In addition to preventive advice in the notarial field and in inheritance and real estate law, one focus of our activities is in the area of family law. Dr. Andreas Hanke is a proven expert when it comes to cross-border family disputes (and separations). This applies in particular to US-American and Canadian/German couples. The international context in particular makes it essential to engage the services of a specialized family law expert. In addition, Dr. Hanke provides specialized advice on the distribution of assets in divorce or separation matters.

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Attorneys & Notaries

From our point of view, legal advice is only worth half as much if the human component is not right. It is important to us to build up and maintain a trusting and long-lasting relationship with our clients. Each of us has a personal focus and individual skills - in professional and personal areas. If you would like to find out more about us before first contact, please click on the respective photo.




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Notaries with passion - for simple and difficult cases

The notary is the bearer of a public office. He advises, designs and notarizes as a neutral representative of all parties involved.

Its task is to determine your goals and motives and to choose the right legal form.

We take our office as notaries seriously and are therefore at your side with our experienced team in all areas of notarial law.

We are happy to design difficult and individual cases for you with the necessary instinct.

For us, the notarial work is much more than filling out forms and reading out and texts. We endeavor to deliver drafts as quickly as possible and to assign appointments at short notice. Notarization dates are usually assigned after the respective draft has been created.

  • Property

    Click on the link and learn more about the following topics:
    Condominium purchase agreement, land purchase agreement, land charges, mortgages, real estate donations, assemblies, ...

  • Inheritance Law

    Click on the link and learn more about the following topics:
    Wills, inheritance contracts, certificates of inheritance, execution of wills, family companies, family pools, inheritance tax, gifts, waiver of compulsory portion

  • Family Law

    Click on the link and learn more about the following topics:
    Marriage contracts, agreements on the consequences of divorce, partnership contracts, joint purchase of real estate, family companies, living together without a marriage certificate

  • Corporate law

    Click on the link and learn more about the following topics:
    Establishment of companies (GbR, OHG, KG, GmbH, UG, AG, cooperative, associations, non-profit corporations, NGO), share transfers, company sales, amendments to the articles of association, commercial register, register of associations

  • Notarizations

    The notary is responsible for certification in many areas of life:
    Powers of attorney, register registrations, documents for foreign countries, living wills, permits, certificates of authority

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