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Inheritance Law

When it comes to inheritance law, most people think of the financial consequences of death. But inheritance law is much more than that. First and foremost, it is foresighted planning and provision for close persons, be it the partner, close friends or children during their lifetime. The design is not a question of age, but can be important in every area of life, especially when it comes to transferring assets to the next generation.

Sound advice on inheritance law can be the guarantee for the smoothest possible transfer of one's own assets.

Furthermore, in the event that such a provision has not been made by a clear last will and testament (in most cases the will), it may be necessary to provide legal support for the consequences of the inheritance and to develop practical legal solutions. In addition to clarifying the inheritance shares and the disputes of so-called communities of heirs, this also includes the calculation and enforcement of so-called compulsory portion or bequest claims against the heirs.

Especially in the case of substantial assets, foresighted planning is indispensable. Otherwise, substantial inheritance tax may be payable in the event of inheritance. Many cases can already be solved by transferring assets during one's lifetime subject to usufruct or property rights.

In geeigneten Fällen bietet sich die Gründung von Familiengesellschaften bzw. einem sog. “Familienpool” an. Hierbei können auch größere Vermögen gerecht und steueroptimiert in die nächste Generation übertragen und gegenüber Eingriffen von familienfremden Personen abgesichert werden. Wir arbeiten hierbei stets eng mit Ihrem Steuerberater zusammen oder schlagen Ihnen die steuerliche Prüfung durch eine auf die Gründung von Familiengesellschaften spezialisierte Steuerberaterin vor.

Die Berufsträger Axel Sawal und Dominik Schüller beraten als Notare bei der vorsorgenden Gestaltung individueller Nachlassregelungen und letztwilliger Verfügungen. Beide Notare sind auch Fachanwälte für Erbrecht und verfügen über das notwendige Spezialwissen, um auch die “kniffligen Fälle” richtig anzupacken. Gerne entwickeln wir gemeinsam mit Ihnen eine auf Ihre Lebenssituation und Ihre Bedürfnisse abgestimmte Nachfolgeregelung.

Advice on inheritance law is not a mass business. Every family is different, has a different history and different objectives. Every consultation must therefore start with a detailed discussion. The goals are worked out together. The notary public/lawyer then draws up a first draft. If necessary, further discussions take place until the will or other document is finally notarised.

For various reasons, it is not advisable to make a will in one's own hand. In addition, a notarial will is usually even cheaper than a handwritten one.

We regularly offer seminars on the subject of inheritance law and the drafting of wills. If you are interested in this, simply contact us. You will then be invited to the next appointment. Nevertheless, such a seminar cannot replace a personal consultation. However, it is a good step to deal with the difficult topic.

In selected cases, we will be happy to represent you in disputes over inheritance, the assertion of claims to a compulsory portion, the examination of testamentary dispositions or the conduct of mediations.