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Axel Sawal

Notary and lawyer


1957 Born in Berlin

1978 to 1982 law studies (Freie Universität Berlin)

Graduation as best of year

1982 to 1985 legal clerkship at the Kammergericht

1985 admission as lawyer in Berlin

1994 appointment as a notary

2015 Appointment as specialist lawyer for inheritance law

He is married and has two children.


Inheritance law, property and condominium law

Seit dem Jahre 2016 ist Rechtsanwalt & Notar Axel Sawal fast ausschließlich als Notar tätig. Er hat seine Spezialisierung in der Nachfolgeberatung, also Testamentsgestaltung und Übertragungen zu Lebzeiten. Hierfür nehmen wir uns Zeit. Es dauert so lange, wie es eben braucht.

The client explains his family and financial situation in detail in one or more conversations. Mr. Sawal designs and tailors a “custom-made suit” or “custom-made dress” that fits exactly. Specifically, this means that drafts for transfers, family companies or wills are made, then discussed and at the end - if everything is correct - notarized.

In addition to the question of who should get what, the complicated gift and inheritance tax law also comes up. That is the be-all and end-all of advice.

Of course, in a lively notary's office, property and condominium law are not neglected either. Here too, notary Sawal is a recognized expert after decades of work and intensive training. Short, clear documents that are precisely tailored to the individual case are drawn up.

  • Rechtsanwaltskammer Berlin (Berlin Bar Association)
  • Deutscher Anwaltsverein e.V.
  • Mitglied der Arbeitsgemeinschaft Erbrecht im DAV
  • Berliner Anwaltsverein e.V.

15 episodes of the series “The Little Consent Advisor” in Real Estate deal with numerous aspects of administrator consent in condominium law.

Lecturer activity

Vielleicht haben Sie schon einmal eine Einladung zu einem der zahlreichen Seminare im Schenkungs- und Erbrecht unter der Leitung von Rechtsanwalt & Notar Sawal erhalten. Hierbei geht es um die Testamentsgestaltung, einschließlich Berliner Testamenten und hiervon abweichender Formen.

There are also ongoing seminar evenings under the title “Patchworkshop”. Family constellations are discussed in which children do not only come from one family (blended family). Here an individual formulation of the succession is essential.


German, English and good knowledge of French