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Family Law

Family law is a broad field and not every aspect of life is immediately associated with family law. However, in addition to family law in the narrower sense, especially divorce and the laws regarding parental responsibilities, family law in the broader sense includes references to inheritance and tax law and - in international cases - so-called international private law (or conflict of laws).

Family law in the narrower sense essentially determines the legal consequences of a separation. In addition to the economic aspects, it includes personal aspects, e.g. the right of custody (or decision-making) and visitation/access with/to joint children.

The economic aspects include, among other things, compensation under matrimonial property law (e.g. compensation for accrued gains), the handling of pension entitlements acquired in the marriage as well as spousal and child support. In addition, in many cases, the settlement of jointly acquired real estate and company shares is necessary.

We are happy to work on complex legal issues and are not afraid of cross-border cases, especially with respect to the United States and Canada.

Dr. Hanke has worked for many years mainly in the field of family law and has successfully accompanied and represented clients in almost all possible family law constellations.

In recent years, an extensive network of colleagues in the USA and Canada has been cultivated and expanded, enabling him to work in a spirit of mutual trust at a substantial professional level. In the USA and Canada, we are also available to you as experts for German family law. We can also look back on many years of experience in dealing with US and Canadian authorities and courts. Mr. Hanke had numerous appearances as expert witness in US Courts in the past.

In addition, we develop or negotiate for you preventive marriage contracts (pre- and post-nuptial agreements), partnership agreements or agreements on the consequences of divorce, also with reference to corporate law or real estate law. Here we are happy to act - depending on your needs - as a notary public or attorney to represent your interests.

A further focus of our activities is the drafting of contracts for so-called "family pools" or "family companies". In close cooperation with specialised tax consultants, we develop tailor-made solutions when it comes to the transfer of assets to the next generation, which is optimal in many respects.