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Notarial Services

The notarial duties go far beyond reading and stamping. In the German legal system, the notaries serve an important purpose: the provision and drafting of various types of contracts.

The main professional focus of the notaries Axel Sawal and Dominik Schüller is development of high-quality notarial drafts. After all, the notary is a contact person in a variety of legal fields. In most cases the law stipulates that certain contracts or declarations require notarial authentication or certification in order to be effective. Unlike the lawyer, the notary is not a one-sided, partisan, representative of interests. Rather, he represents all parties involved in the notarisation procedure and is therefore a neutral advisor and representative of all persons at once.

Amongst other services we offer the following notarial services:

  • Real estate: purchase, donation, usufruct, creation of mortgages and land charges etc.
  • Marriage, partnership & family: marriage contract, divorce and partner contract, adoption
  • Inheritance and gift law: will and contract of inheritance, application for a certificate of inheritance, distribution of the estate, anticipated succession, contract of gift, etc.
  • companies: Formation or transformation of a company, transfer of shares, registration in the commercial register etc.
  • Powers of attorney of all kinds, e.g. preventive power of attorney, care directive, living will
  • Dispute avoidance: divorce agreements, estate distribution, enforceable deeds, mediation and arbitration, etc.

We provide services in all notarial fields.

We value a clear and understandable language - especially in contracts involving consumers.

We make every effort to enable notarisations on short notice and to send drafts to the parties involved quickly. As a rule, we only arrange certification dates after the drafts have been prepared. You can help us by providing us with the necessary documentation and records electronically when the contract is awarded. These are in particular:

From all persons involved: Name and surname, name and DOB, address, tax identification number (not tax number), nationality, e-mail address, telephone number.

Since notaries now have many supervision and documentation obligations under the Money Laundering Act, we require an official identity document (identity card, passport) from each person involved. It is sufficient if this is brought along for notarisation. We will then make copies. If a person involved does not take part in the notarisation - e.g. if he/she is represented by a third party - a copy/s of his/her identity card(s) must be sent by him/her in advance.

We have put together leaflets for the following notarial activities:

  • Purchase contract for a condominium
  • testament